Sunday, January 23, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever = Erin Swain

So yes, I have turned out to be the world's worst blogger who never seems to have time to blog about whats going on in my life - but I sure will stalk everyone else's life on Facebook - oh FB - you have ruined my life! ha, ha..

So I want to do a Mass Update on my life to all my girlies, but before I can I want to share something that happened last night that has set a new "mood" or feeling in my life as of last night. I had an amazing dinner last night with old friends from college, celebrating Jason Carter's 30th birthday! Jason has been one of my dearest friends since freshman year in college. He and his amazing wife live right in the area but we all do a HORRIBLE job of keeping in touch and seeing each other. And after last night I am thinking this is going to change. Seeing them last night was so special for me, as it helped me realize how good friends are hard to find. Not to say I don't have good friends, just that people that you consider to be your best friends are your BEST friends for a reason. As I get older and meet so many people in my life, sometimes the memories you have with old friends just simply defines who you are and the way you feel about, well "life." I am a VERY blessed person with amazing friends from all over the U.S. and Europe (Josi and Cheryl). I think sometimes I take for granted my friends - and I do not do a good enough job of keeping in touch or calling. And I hope to change this after last night!! There just are those people that are in your life that no matter how often you do talk or don't talk - will always just be your BEST friends. But I can tell you one thing that after last night, talking and seeing them is WAY more fun than just keeping in touch!!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Marathon - Check

My AMAZING cheerleaders!!
Go Wolfpack!
In the ZONE
So Everyone tells you that a marathon hurts more than any other race or run you have ever done - but you kinda think "yeah I am sure it hurts but I am a runner - it won't be so bad!" Um yeah it will!! It hurts like crazy once you "hit the wall!" I hit my wall at Mile 23 and crawled into the finish. But even though it hurt so so bad, the feeling once you cross that line and finish is AMAZING! And once I had crossed that finish line I had some amazing family and friends with smiling faces and pink shirts to help me walk through the finish area!! My fans were there cheering for me all morning in Bright Pink RunErin t-shirts!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!! It was an amazing experience and as much as my legs still are in pain I already know I want to do another one! Crazy right? For anyone who has ever thought about doing a marathon - let's sign up together!! I think I will try one every year until I cannot do it anymore!! yes I am crazy SWAIN!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friends In Common

From Nichole to Kelly, Alana and I: I was FB stalking Carnell's page, and I briefly glanced at the "friends in common" box, and it was all 3 of you, in order of birth. Haha, I took a screen shot because this will probably never happen again, esp since Carnell and I have 269 friends in common!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carbo Loading

So today I discovered that I will need to carbo load 36 hours before the marathon!! So starting Friday night I need to consume 2090 carbohydrate calories!! haha!! talk about eating lots of pasta and bread!!
I guess starting Friday when my dearest Tatiana arrives I will be on my way to getting my 2090 calories of carbs!! Sounds kinda fun doesn't it?? Lots of pasta and bread? I think I can handle this!!

Find out how many calories you would need to not "Hit the wall" in your race:

More info:

Monday, October 18, 2010

13 days til MCM

Only 13 days til MCM!! I am getting so excited and I cannot wait to put all my training into it and run the race!! I also cannot wait to be done!!

13 days, 77 miles, 2 track workouts, 1 tempo UNTIL MCM!!

Meet me after in Arlington for an after party from 2-5 pm!! Be there or be square! Literally :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Twenty-Ten: RUN Erin RUN

Marathon training kinda blows!! so many miles, so many workouts, and always always tired!! But I know the satisfaction of crossing that line on October 31, 2010 will make all the pain worth it - right? we will see!!
I am averaging about 60 miles a week, before MCM training I was probably only running about 30 miles a week. So doubled that up and makes me definitely tired!! We do three solid workouts a week including track intervals, a tempo and LONG run (like 20 miles). Thanks to my marathon training buddies and advisors: Lisa, Kristi, Kelly, Zac and Bridget! without you guys I could not do it thats for sure!!
I am getting closer and closer to October 31, 2010 and it is so exciting!! Everyone in DC that weekend better come out and cheer me on and then come party at McGintys in Arlington VA at 2pm!!
66 days 19 hours and 28 minutes until race time!

Summer Twenty-Ten: Family

Taylor Family
Adorable - Kent and Scout
Father and Son

My family is doing great, keeping busy between all of us working (well Mom was off for summer from teaching and Alana is still in grad school). Even though we all live in the DC area it is hard to all get together all the time with our busy schedules!! We did not have a family vacation this summer, but I suppose this will be more common as time rolls on - right?

We did get to see Kent's family a few times this summer which is always great! Two trips to Morehead City NC for beach trips and once in Raleigh, NC. Boy do I miss NC!!! Kent's sister Laura's baby Scout (Kent's nephew) is getting so big and now is calling Kent and I : Uncle and Erin..well it sounds more like : "unk" and "air-in" but you get the point!!

I love my two familys and can't wait until its time for me to start my own in the future. Speaking of starting families, two of my closest friends are both preggos!! Congrats to Cheryl and James who are due in November and will finally move back to the US from Germany in March 2011...I cannot wait to spoil that baby girl :) And also Congrats to Teresa and Chris on their baby Carver on the way!! Exciting times as my friends start having their kids adding onto my family :)